INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® has carefully assembled a team of world-renowned pharmacologists and physicians, who are responsible for some of today’s greatest advances in the fields of skincare and anti-ageing medicine. The team is comprised of experts in the fields of botanical pharmacology, molecular biology, biochemistry and medicine which help develop new products that ensure the best results for our clients skin.


iS Clinical is an established US cosmeceutical skincare brand dedicated to developing effective products that restore optimum skin health for people suffering from a variety of skin complaints. A collection of experts from the fields of botanical pharmacology, molecular biology, biochemistry and medicine all came together to create a range of products with the ultimate goal of transforming the complexion of their clients.

The iS Clinical range of products help to treat the most common skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne and the early signs of ageing including expression lines, slackness and wrinkles. In order to achieve the best skin possible, they recommend all skin types follow a simple four-step routine that consists of products to cleanse, treat, hydrate and protect.

The Cleanse step removes impurities, make-up, bacteria and irritants from the surface of the skin, the Treat step targets issues such as dehydration or inflammation with specialist formulas, the Hydrate step nourishes the skin to keep it plump and smooth, and the final Protect step ensures the skin is properly defending against UV rays and environmental stressors. No matter what your age, skin type or condition, this simple routine will help to correct any problems and ensure you can maintain the results for longer.

The impressive range of products from iS Clinical includes all you need to maintain this routine; from skin care specific cleansers and problem-solving face masks to powerful super serums and essential moisturising creams. Loved by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic nurses, iS Clinical make achieving professional results at home possible for everyone.