Our hands are one of the first areas to show signs of ageing, because they tend to be infrequent use. They are also exposed to the elements which can cause sun-damage, dryness, cracked skin and dehydrated. CACI International newest treatment has been specially developed to take care of the hands using a unique combination of Rejuvenating Hand Mask and Electro Glove technology. This launch includes a professional salon treatment for hydrating and anti-ageing which is supported by an At-home Package of Care for damaged, sore and work-worn hands.

CACI Hand Rejuvenation – £40.00

Duration: 30 mins

The CACI Rejuvenating Hand Mask is an intensive skin conditioning glove that is applied to clean hands to hydrate and nourish the skin. The Hand Masks contain water-binding hyaluronic acid, hydrating hydrolysed collagen and shea butter, which help to plump up the skin and smooth out uneven texture and the appearance of fine lines. They have removable fingertips which allows them to be worn during nail treatments.

CACI Electro Gloves are made from an electrically conductive silver fibre and antibacterial fabric, and fitted over the Rejuvenating Hand Masks. When activated with the CACI System, the gloves deliver tiny electrical impulses or micro-currents which stimulate blood circulation and increase product penetration, so the nourishing ingredients within the mask are better absorbed.

The Hand Rejuvenation treatment leaves your hands feeling silky smooth and looking visibly softer with more youthful, firmer skin.


Hand Rejuvenation Mask

The Rejuvenating Hand Mask used during the CACI Hand Rejuvenation treatment is also available for home use as part of your regular hand care routine. These hydrating and nourishing gloves contain powerful ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolysed Collagen and Shea Butter to help combat the signs of ageing by softening the skin and smoothing the appearance of fine lines. The Rejuvenating Hand Mask will leave your hands feeling soft, supple and rehydrated.

Simply use as often as needed and leave on for 20 minutes, before massaging excess product into the skin until fully absorbed.


Kindly Note
This is an advanced treatment which may be carried out as a stand-alone therapy. Alternatively it may be combined with a relaxing hand massage and/or manicure, or done as an add-on to another CACI treatment. For example, you can request anti-ageing treatments to your hands and face at the same time. We recommend combining Hand Rejuvenation with CACI’s Signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning treatment.

The hand treatment gloves only require about 10 minutes of set up time.