June 2016, 3D Lipo Testimonial

I have always struggled with my weight it has been something I have always been aware of since the age of 12. It’s the one thing I have always found that has held me back and made me feel insecure about myself and almost reserved in some situations over the worry of being judged on how I look. Over the years I have tried countless diets and exercise regimes; you name it I’ve tried it! The amount of times I have got to my goal weight and then gained it again is countless… a typical yo yo dieter! It wasn’t until late 2014 when I had got to my heaviest weight I felt awful and I knew I needed to do something. After starting to eat a healthy diet and light exercise regularly the confidence started to build as the weight came off again. One of the areas I felt most self conscious about was my stomach, particularly the lower part, where for as long as I can remember I have had a pocket of fat that would never go away. It didn’t matter how much I exercised, toned and dieted it just wasn’t going anywhere! I found this so frustrating as I felt couldn’t wear certain clothes as it just accentuated the pocket. I look back at pictures and am immediately drawn to that pocket of fat that looks so obvious.

When we first looked into 3D Lipo technology i had my reservations, surely this machine couldn’t remove my pocket of fat as well as inch loss and tighten the skin? The only way I thought this would ever be possible is through surgery which for me isn’t something I would want to go through. However after receiving the cavitation treatment and losing 11cm in a 20 minute session I started to re think about my original doubts as even from that one session on my abdomen I could see and feel such a difference!

So when I learned more about how the Cryo freeze can remove superficial pockets of fat I knew that this was the treatment for me. Cryo uses a vacuum to suction the pocket into the cup where it is then frozen to minus 5 degrees. Between 2 and 4 months after treatment you can lose up to 40% of the pocket.

I was a little nervous as to what to expect in terms of how the treatment would feel and, initially, the suction with the freezing temperature was a strange feeling but tolerable. After 10 minutes the whole area felt numb, I couldn’t feel the suction or the cold which is perfectly normal. After the hour the suction was released and the area felt almost like a slush puppy due to the crystallisation of the fat cells but this soon went back to normal after a few hours. Throughout the treatment I felt at ease, the whole time knowing I had a release button that could stop the suction at any point.

I knew the results would be a gradual thing so I had to be patient and not think that it hadn’t worked just because I couldn’t see the immediate results (like I had with the cavitation). Over the next 6 months I could start to see a difference the pocket seemed much smaller and not as prominent. 6 months on, looking at my before and after photos, I am so pleased and astounded with the results! Even taking away my weight loss, the pocket has decreased dramatically which is something I have never been able to achieve before and for that, I cannot thank 3D Lipo enough.

I’m happy to answer any of your questions if you are thinking of starting the 3dlipo journey.

Thanks for reading mine.

Emma x